ENVY [2004]


Interested in a comedy that features the talents of Jack Black and Ben Stiller about a dog shit-removal product called Va-poo-rizer? Don’t say I didn’t warn you! Envy is simply a steaming pile of dog shit but for some reason I find it strangely appealing. Here’s the so-called plot in a nutshell: Two total losers, “Tim Dingman” (Stiller) and “Nick Vanderpark” (Black), who work in a sandpaper-making factory, dream of coming up with an idea that will make them rich. Vanderpark comes up with “Va-poo-rizer,” a miracle spray that makes dog shit disappear. The guy makes a fortune with this product through the world of infomercials and decides to build a gaudy mansion in the same neighborhood across the street from the envious Dingman. One night, Dingman gets drunk and accidentally shoots an arrow into Vanderpark’s white steed, killing it instantly. Dingman and a bum named J-Man (Christopher Walken) dispose of the horse (a scene that compares unfavorably to Animal House). J-Man blackmails Dingman, who later accidentally shoots J-Man with an arrow. You get the idea . . . Incredibly, Envy was actually directed by Barry Levinson, the once-talented director who gave us great comedies such as Diner and Tin Men. According to the Internet Movie Database, Black and Dreamworks’ Jeffrey Katzenberg both apologized for Envy at a press conference during the 2004 Cannes Film Festival. By the way, a friend of mine remarked that he would rather step in a steaming pile of freshly shat dog excrement than sit through this film again. Watch at your own risk!


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